Are You Facing Lagging Issue In The Game Minecraft? – Check Out The Ways To Fix It!

Minecraft is the most popular game that people love to play; people are so influences by the game they buy minecraft account and play different missions and enjoy it. So people enjoy playing this game. But there are many times when you face many problems while playing the Minecraft game, and one of the main issues that you get is lagging. But there are many ways through which you can resolve that issue and play the game smoothly without any problem. If you are also facing any of these problems and looking for the options that will help you get rid of them, you should check this out!!

Ways to fix the issue

There are different ways through which you can fix the issues that you get in the game, and some of those are mentioned in the following points-

Change video setting

You can fix the issue of lagging by doing sets in the high video setting, which can bring you nice pictures in the game. Some of the steps that you can consider to change the setting are mentioned below-

  • First, you need to run Minecraft.
  • Then there, you will find the options; you have to click on that.
  • After that there you will find the option that says video settings.
  • Then you have to change some settings or set keys, including Graphics –Fast, Smooth Lighting- Off, 3D Anaglyph- Off, VSync- Off, Bobbing- Off, Clouds- Off, and Lower Max Framerate.
  • Once you are done with the setting, you need t launch the game to check.

Set Java as a priority

As you know, that Minecraft game has been written in Java, and when you do the Java setting, you will be able to get some solution to the lagging issue. Here are some of the steps or points you can consider that will help you with that.

  • First, you need to open the Task Manager that you can do by pressing Ctrl + shift + Esc together.
  • After that, you need to click on the details.
  • When you click on the detail, you will get the option of Java; you need to click right on Java and choose to set priority> High.

Set up internet speed

There are many times when the only problem of getting lags in the game is because of the internet issue.

That is why you need to check the internet speed and try to use a network that is stable. You can change the ISP service and other things that can affect the stability of the internet. So you need to check that first, and then it will increase your speed of internet.


These are some of the fixes that you can consider which will help you in solving the problem of lagging that you are getting in the game. You can follow any of these options, and you will be able to get the solution.