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I am going to tell you about a product that I have used for the past couple of years. It is called JB Weld and it is made by 3M. The company has been around since 1866, so they must know what they are doing. They also claim that their products will last forever. 

The first time I used this stuff was when my car had an oil leak in its engine. The mechanic said he could not find anything wrong with the engine at all. He suspected the leak came from somewhere else on the vehicle, but he did not know where. 

My husband got out his tool box and began looking for something to repair the leak. He found a pipe on the outside of the radiator and decided that would be the best place to start. He cut a hole in the pipe with a pair of scissors. After cutting the hole, he took a little bit of the plastic covering off, which allowed him to see inside. He saw some rust buildup on the inside of the pipe and some rust flakes falling off into the radiator. 

He then proceeded to take a small amount of the black goo and apply it to the opening. He then put another piece over the top and secured it with some tape. He took some more of the goo and applied it to the new piece of pipe that he had just placed over the old one. This time he used some sort of a clamp to hold it down while it dried. 

After the glue had set up, he removed the clamps and the old piece of pipe was now completely sealed. He then took some duct tape and wrapped it around the area to make sure nothing would happen again.

The next day, we noticed that the new pipe was actually leaking again! My husband went back and looked at the area once again. He saw that there were even more pieces of rust flaking off into the radiator. He tried using the same method as before, but instead of applying the glue and then putting the second piece of pipe over the top of the first, he simply put the second piece over the first without any glue or tape. 

The results were not good. We went back home and looked at the problem once again. The rust was getting worse! We both agreed that we needed to get rid of all the rust. 

I remembered reading about another trick to stop leaks in pipes and radiators. If you can find a store that sells anti-rust materials, you can buy them and spray them directly onto the metal areas that may be rusting. 

We then went to Lowe’s and bought some of these anti-rust materials. Then we went back to where we had seen the leak and sprayed the anti-rust material right onto the rusty areas. After letting the mixture dry overnight, we went back the following morning to check our work, and voila! There were no more signs of rust! 

This really surprised us because the original leak was coming from the outside of the radiator. When the anti-rust solution hit the metal, it seemed to act like a magnet. It pulled the rust out of the metal and away from the leak. 

We have had our car running fine ever since that day. No more leaks! But what happened to our radiator? 

It turned out that the radiator leaked because of a crack in the rubber hose that goes between the radiator and the cooling system. We found the crack when we were washing the car and noticed water pouring out of the hose. We took it apart and found the crack. 

Since we knew that the solution would help keep the leak from happening again, we decided to try using the solution to patch up the cracks in the hose. Before we applied the solution, we cleaned the area thoroughly. We used sandpaper to remove all traces of dirt, grease, etc., and then rinsed everything off with soap and water. 

After drying the entire area with a cloth, we poured a thin layer of the solution on the part of the hose that had the crack. Once it dried, we repeated the process until all the cracks in the hose were repaired. 

When we were done, we let the car sit for a few days and ran the engine to test the repair. Everything checked out okay. The car started right up and drove just fine. 

We kept the car washed regularly to prevent any further deterioration of the hose. Every six months or so, and after each wash, we reapplied the anti-rust solution. 

To me, it seems like this should be an everyday thing. How many times do you use your car every week? If you drive it hard, it will probably need repairs sooner rather than later.

Why not do something to prevent those repairs from happening? And if you do need repairs, why not make them less expensive by repairing the parts yourself? 

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I know that the solution doesn’t work miracles, but it does seem to provide a very effective way to seal up holes and cracks in pipes and hoses. Would you want to spend thousands of dollars every year to pay someone to repair your car? Or would you rather save money and do it yourself? 

Now, all you have to do is figure out how to protect your car against corrosion and rust…