Control Springtime Pests: Steps And Measures To Prevent Pest Infestation

Springtime is one of the happy times of the year. Extreme cold tends to dissipate slowly, and slight warm air starts blowing; this time around the year is sunny and full of life as plants and trees start blossoming. Along with sun and flowers come insects and pests as well. The pests tend to hibernate during the winter season to avoid extreme cold. As the season changes and spring comes along, the insects and pests wake up and start breeding and colony building. Therefore, this time, the number of insects and pests tends to increase. 

Thus, one should ensure that the house is pest-free and preventive measures to avoid infestation. 

Clean and mow the lawn

When it comes to pests and insects, one of the very common places where they start coming from is in the garden and lawn. Long grasses, uncut weeds, and shrubs can be some of the best places for pests to lurk. Also, it is common for shrubs and grass to grow rapidly in the spring season during springtime. Therefore, one should make sure that the lawn is mowed properly and that there is no place for the pest to hide during springtime. 

Cut the long branches 

If one has a garden with big or small trees around the house, it is crucial to cut the branches before spring. These branches could be touching the wall on the outside of the house, and this can act as a nice bridge for the bugs and pests to reach the house. One should take some time to cut down the branches and trim them if necessary. Also, trimming the branches will make sure that there are unnecessary shade regions around the house. Shade is the perfect place for the pests to breed and grow. 

Clean the gutters

Broken branches and leaves can fall in the gutter around the house, and this can be a breeding ground for pests like ants, cockroaches and termites, and even rats. One should clear those gutters occasionally, especially before the spring season. Also, blocked gutters can block the movement of water in them during rain and precipitation, which can lead to stagnant water, perfect for pest growth. One can also hire experts for cleaning the gutters and ask about the rat exterminator cost

Seal the windows and doors

The pests will always be there during the spring season outside the house. Therefore, one should make the house pest-proof by properly sealing the gaps and crevices. Check during the winter season itself if there is any hole or gap in the house which can be a place for pests to enter. Also, repair and mend the windows and doors before the spring season comes knocking. 

Pest control is something that one should take seriously. Several factors can lead to pest growth in the spring season in a household and outside. Being active in removing those factors is highly necessary. Keep the place clean and remove the debris around the house to ensure that the pests do not get a proper breeding ground.