History Of Massage Therapy And Its Thearauptic Effect

Do you know about the history of massage therapy? When and from where it does first started? If not, and you’re curious to know more about massage therapy and its various health benefits, the following paragraphs might prove beneficial for you. Before going into this page history of massage therapy, you must know about this term in detail.

What is massage therapy?

It is a therapy that involves many different techniques performed by a therapist. Most often, the therapist used their hands and fingers and may also use their elbows, forearms, or feet to give ultimate relaxation to the body. Under this, the therapist uses different techniques to press rub and manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body.

Types of massage therapy

  • Tissue massage

It is also known as trigger point massage. During the session, the therapist focuses on myofascial trigger points, like muscle knots. When such points are pressed, they can cause symptoms elsewhere in the body.

  • Sports massage

It is quite similar to Swedish massage. This type of massage is specifically adapted according to the needs of different sportspeople or athletes. During this session, the therapist uses various techniques like deep, circular movements, different strokes, tapping, and vibration to provide the desired results.

History of massage therapy

Massage therapy started dates back thousands of years ago. The first reference to massage appears in writing from Japan, Egypt, China, Arabic nations, Greece, India, and Rome. Firstly the hypocrites define it as the “art of rubbing.”

Massage therapy was widely used in Europe during the late 1850s. It was introduced by two American physicians In the United States, where it became widely popular. It was considered the best medicine to cure the idea of health diseases.

But unfortunately, with scientific and technological advancements in the medical field during the 1930s and 1940s, massage therapy became unpopular in the United States.

In the 1970s, again, the interest in massage was reviewed, especially among athletes or sportsperson.

Who provides massage therapy?

The national certification board for therapeutic massage certifies various practitioners who clear the national examination. Not only this, but the practitioner also required a minimum of 500 hours of training at any certified institution and met specific continuing examination requirements to get the license.

As a result, there are various therapy schools and training programs which provide massage therapy sessions to get the desired results.

What do massage therapists do in treating patients?

It is generally seen that massage therapists work in a variety of sections which covers hospitals, nursing homes, private offices, sports and fitness facilities, studios, etc.

While some of the massage therapists also travel to clients’ homes all workplace. It is all done to provide a soothing and relaxing environment.

1 Firstly, the therapist asks his clients or patients about their medical health history, symptoms seen in the body, and desired results.

2  In order to allocate the painful or tense area the massage therapist also perform some evaluation session by touching and pressing the designated area. It is done to determine the amount of pressure required to cure the pain.

3 Indecision the patient lies on the table all bed he didn’t want comfortable nightwear or undressed (Rest of the body is covered with a sheet except the area being massaged). The massage therapist uses any special oil or lotion, which reduces the friction on the skin and allows his hands or fingers to move easily.

The entire session takes at least an odd or even longer.


Here on this page, we covered all the important information which you need to know about massage therapy.