Learning What Is A Psychic Astrology Reading

Many people ask, “What is a Psychic Astrology Reading?” This reading is done by using the position of planets, Sun and Moon with the time of one’s birth. The movement of these objects is consulted and it is determined as to how this will affect a person’s life. People who are worried about things such as their love life, personal problems, business problems and other things often consult a person working in this field for guidance, in order to determine what the best course of action they should take.

The psychic, after consulting with their client, will construct an astrological chart. This is similar to the chart one can see in almost any newspaper. Looking at one’s birth date, they will find a sign, such as Capricorn, and a prediction of how it might affect them and guidance toward the right actions to take. This is a simple astrology reading. When consulting an expert in the field one will get a very detailed reading.

The asteroid bodies are divided into 12 segments, forming a circle. Each of these segments has a sign which is identified as shown in the newspaper. With the exception of the Chinese, all psychic, astrologist and others, work with these signs. People born under these signs are then believed to have special characteristics, such as mild, easy going or hot tempered, angers easily. All of this is considered when a reading is done.

It is interesting that in the Chinese culture, there are also 12 segments but they have different names, such as Dog, Ox, Rabbit and so forth. Thus one reads about the year of the Dog, the Ox and so forth. This culture believes very strongly in personal readings.

The study of stars has been going on for centuries. For doing a reading, the position of the planets together with the client’s birth date are worked into a chart which brings up certain characteristics. These characteristics are used to predict future happenings or to advise regarding current situations.

It is said that many people in this field have a ‘sixth sense’ and that they can feel energy vibrations which allow them ‘feelings’ of things to happen. This is often used, in addition to plotting the course of the asteroid bodies, to advise their clients. It should be remembered that psychics cannot predict the future per se. They cannot tell one what horse will win the next race, if someone will be hit with a car or other absolute facts. However, they can warn that danger is near or something good is going to happen.

There are many well known psychics and astrologists in the field find this. These people have made predictions, which have turned out to be correct. Some of them have been used by police departments in their search for missing persons and other items. Many have been successful in this area.

You cannot expect your life to unfold in just a reading- it takes effort from your end too. Some people prefer to prepare for the future, and hence they believe in psychic readings. It is that there are gifted people on this earth who can warn people about the future.