List Of All The Different Variants For Preparing Bong!

When it comes to smoking weed, there is more than one way to get high. The most popular method involves the use of a bong. There are many different types of glass bongs available on the market today. It is important to choose the right bong for your needs before you try out any of them.

The first step towards choosing the best bong for yourself is deciding what type of material you want your bong made from. Glass is probably the most widely used material because it is the least expensive and easiest to clean up after breaking.

There are several different types of glass that can be chosen from when buying a glass bong. These include clear, translucent, amber, green, blue, purple, brown, black, red, yellow, and white.

Some people prefer using glass because it looks classy. Others like the way that smoke flows through a glass bong. Some people just like the way that it feels to hold and breathe through a glass bong. Some like how they appear in pictures or videos. Whatever your reason is for wanting a glass bong, it’s important to make sure that you buy the right one.

Clear vs. Translucent

Many glass bongs come with either a clear or translucent bowl. A clear glass bong will have a thin layer of glass which makes it very easy to see through the bong. This is great if you enjoy looking at your bowl while you smoke.

The bongs are available in countless number of shapes and sizes. If you are interested for buying then visit through the Bong store. It comes along with a straight tube, beaker, in a zig zag style and as a percolator. It depends on the smoker that how they want to get customization of bongs along with multiple filtration.

A translucent glass bong will have multiple layers of glass that make the bong darker. When you look through the bong, you won’t be able to see as much as with a clear bowl. If this is not a problem for you then by all means purchase a translucent glass bong. However, if you like to keep things hidden, choose a clear glass bong instead.

Amethyst vs. Clear

If you aren’t interested in seeing your smoke, then a clear amethyst glass bong might be better for you. Amethyst glass bowls tend to be heavier because the thicker glass is needed to withstand the weight of the water inside. Since you don’t need to worry about holding onto something extra heavy, you can get away with choosing an amethyst glass bong.

Green vs. Black

For those who like to hide their bongs, choosing a green glass bong may be a good option. Green glass doesn’t show the smoke as well as other colors of glass do. If you like keeping dark objects hidden, then a black glass bong would be perfect for you.

Blue vs. Purple

Another way to hide your bong is to pick a glass bong that has a purplish color. You can find these in both clear and translucent versions. While it isn’t recommended that you actually smoke out of a glass bong with a purple color, having a purple glass bong around can help you feel like you’re hiding your bong. It also helps add some class to your setup. Purple is a very beautiful color, so if you want to stand out from everyone else, this could be a nice choice for you.

White vs. Black

One final option is to choose a white glass bong. White glass has a similar effect to purple glass. In addition to adding class, white glass can also make it easier to hide your bong. Just remember that you’ll need to clean your white bong more often since it is not as resistant to stains as black glass is.

Size and Shape

Before making a decision for your next glass bong, think about where you plan to store it. Do you plan on storing it in plain sight? Is it going to be hanging on a hook somewhere? Will it sit on a shelf? If you plan on storing your bong in plain sight, then a small clear glass bong is probably fine. If you want to display your bong in a place where others can see it, consider purchasing a larger glass bong.

Once you’ve decided on the size of your new glass bong, think about its shape. Many glass bongs come in different shapes such as pear-shaped, heart-shaped, oval, and round. Once again, it’s important to think about how you plan to store your bong and how you plan to use it. If your bong will be stored in plain sight, then a round or heart-shaped glass bong may work best for you.

It’s important to remember that every person is unique. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to glass bongs. There is no wrong choice, but when picking your next glass bong, make sure that you know why you want to own it before you go shopping.