Pokémon Go: 8 hidden tips to progress quickly

Available since last Sunday in France, Pokémon GO has already driven millions of budding trainers crazy around the world. The title is not without flaws, however. Niantic’s game tutorial does not clearly explain specific gameplay mechanics.

If you have just embarked on the Pokémon GO adventure, here, https://pokemongoaccshop.com, are eight handy tips to progress and become the best trainer in the world, but that the title does not clearly present to neophytes.

PokéStops cool down often

Symbolized by a blue marker on the map, the PokéStops are vital places where it is possible to collect various beneficial objects to fill your Pokédex and subsequently conquer the game’s arenas.

Note that the Pokéstops cool off quite often (between 3 and 5 minutes on average). If you, therefore, have one near you, it is interesting to regularly loot its content to replenish your Pokéball stock or recover experience (50XP per PokéStops).

Transfer Pokémon for Candy

You may have already noticed that when you catch a Pokémon, you also collect candy associated with it. They are used to evolve and improve the stats of your creatures.

There is a simple way to increase your supply of candy. Each time a Pokémon is transferred, the game automatically provides you with a candy linked to the transferred monster.

Thus, if you have captured two Carapuces, it is sometimes interesting to transfer the weaker one to recover a candy before using it on the second to make it evolve/increase its power.

Pokemon and PokeStops in motion

In transport, don’t let your guard down. Even if, in the application, you move at high speed, it is indeed still possible to interact with the Pokémon that appear or with the PokeStop.

By anticipating the moment you pass a PokeStop, you can even loot the items it hides. It just takes a little practice, responsiveness, and timing.

For arenas, however, this technique does not work. It is necessary to stay close to the arena to carry out the battles.

Trainer level influences rare Pokémon.

Don’t expect to run into rare Pokémon without a good trainer level. Indeed, the latter influences the encounter rate of unusual Pokémon and their power (symbolized by the CP stat). So, at the start of the game, there is a good chance that you will mainly encounter only Roucools, Nosferaptis, and other Rattatas.

But do not despair and especially catch all the Pokémon you come across. Each new capture grants a bonus of 600 XP points (100 XP points if the Pokémon has already been added to the Pokédex). By accumulating the catches, you will be level 10 in no time at all and will therefore be able to start meeting more powerful creatures!

Collect money and items while defending arenas

Once at level 5, it is possible to visit Pokémon Gyms and fight other trainers. If you enter a Pokégym of your team’s color (Yellow, Red, or Blue) or take control of an enemy Pokégym, you can assign a Pokémon of your choice to it.

From there, go to the shop Pokemon Go and click on the icon-shaped shield at the top right of the screen to get free PokéCoins and Star Dust.

Click here https://pokemongoaccshop.com every 20 hours to collect more (provided you have at least one Pokémon in an arena). The quantity received depends on the number of Pokémon in the PokéGyms and their level.