What are red flags Unmistakable signs you’re dating a narcissist to identify?

NPD (narcissistic personality disorder) is a personality condition in which the person has an exaggerated sense of self-worth. These individuals have a strong desire for other people’s admiration and attention. When they aren’t given the praise or special privileges they believe they deserve, people with NPD may be generally sad and disappointed. Other people around them may label them as snooty and arrogant. However, the symptoms are not always evident, and some people even miss out on the red flags in someone with NPD. So, here are the signs to check when meeting someone from megapersonals

Signs and symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder 

The onset of NPD is usually in early adulthood. Because the condition goes against their self-image, those with it may not realize they have a problem. However, people around them can gently educate them about the symptoms. These include: 

  • Acting arrogant and boastful 
  • Getting angry and being hurtful when things don’t go their way 
  • Forcing others to shun them 
  • Having unfulfilling relationships with troubles 
  • Feeling furious, sad, and confused when things don’t go their way 
  • Having ongoing issues with their work or school and finances 
  • Alcohol or drugs abuse 
  • Having a disproportionate feeling of self-importance
  • Having a sense of self-entitlement and a need for constant, unrelenting adoration
  • Expecting to be regarded as outstanding, even if they haven’t performed anything to receive it
  • Exaggerating their accomplishments and abilities.
  • Fantasizing about power, intelligence, success, attractiveness, or the ideal mate
  • Thinking they’re superior, so can only associate with those who are likewise 
  • Having highly monopolized conversations with people they see as inferior. They also belittle or look down on them. 
  • Expecting preferential treatment and slavish adherence to their demands 
  • Taking advantage of others to get what they want, when they want 

What are the possible causes? 

Every disease or disorder has some causes, either known or yet to be discovered. Similarly, the exact cause of narcissistic personality disorder is yet to be discovered. However, researchers say that the cause is likely multifaceted, as it is with personality development and other mental health issues. 

The potential causes or factors responsible are:

  1. Mismatches in the environment in parent-child relationships, with either overwhelming admiration or outrageous and unreasonable criticism 
  2. Inherited features in genetics
  3. Neurobiology may also explain the cause by establishing a relationship between the brain, behaviour, and thought.
  4. Sexual promiscuity (in some cases)
  5. Influences from culture and traditions (in some cases) 

If someone notices the date from megapersonals shows these signs, it is not always a cue to leave because it is a disorder that can be managed with appropriate treatment. 

Treatment for NPD 

Talk therapy, often known as psychotherapy, is the most common form of treatment for NPD. In some cases, NPD coexists with anxiety, depression or another mental health problem. So, the doctor may prescribe specific drugs to treat the other disorder. But, NPD is not treatable with medicine.

Therapy helps individuals with NPD improve their interpersonal connections and make them more fulfilling. Positive contact with others can considerably improve the quality of their life. So, abandoning a loved one suffering from NPD is not a good idea because all they need is help and care.