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Many girlfriends and wives are often stricken by the problems of relationships in their lives. As rosy as it seems in the early days the charm and the fervor vanishes as time passes. You often keep reverting to the courtship days when he did all those sweet and mushy things for you but you find them less frequent these days. You start feeling that your love graph is headed for the stoop and the relationship has started to become stale.

However, you have to accept the fact that you have to take off the rose tinted glasses at some point of time and head your relation into a matured level. No matter how easy it was or it is to woo your man, it is more important to understand what men want from women. It might seem great at the beginning but maintaining a long-term relationship is something of a bigger task. To have your man wanting more of you all through your life you should have all that he wants from you.

Be Honest And Genuine

Truthfulness and honesty are the first things in terms of what men need from women. Be your own self when you portray yourself. Be honest in your verses for this is what men would want their women to be. You do not need to glorify your accounts of your pasts to carve a good impression because later when he finds out the truth, you would be at the receiving end.

Being honest would make you genuine and he would entrust you with his faith making him share an extra lease of his life. To be able to keep up the faith and maintain the trust is what men want from women. All these can be easily found in the best Christian dating sites.

Men Need Space

The thing that irritates men the most is a clingy partner. They hate being under constant supervision and the need to give an account of everything that they do. They want to enjoy their own space and at times have some lonesome time to themselves. A sensible woman is she who understands this need. A certain amount of space is what men seek from women.

However, if you constantly nag him and keep asking his whereabouts being skeptical all the time, then you would only make him grow distant. Being clingy would make you seem desperate and needy making the man feel that he has to work the burden off in the relationship. So be sensible and have a life of your own.

Be Caring And A Fun Partner As Well

Men have their own style of busting their problems. They like hanging out with their male pals to release off the pressures. However, if they find a way of relaxing and easing off tensions with their partners then nothing like it. They seek for that same rapport in their woman as they have with other friends. Therefore, a smart woman knows when to play a lover and when to befriend her man.

For this, you should have a good sense of humor but at the same time care to share his woes. Be as nurturing and caring as you can for this is also, what men want from women.

Commit To Love

There is no feeling so amazing than having the love of your woman all for yourself. Men when realize that the woman they have is the one that they want to be with for their entire life, they do not think twice before committing. Hence, save all your love for the man in your life and lead your way into a happy and fulfilling relationship because commitment is something that men desire, for sure!


The current time is about dating people and knowing about them, the concept of arrange marriage is still there but is not slowly going at a lower level. Also, dating is considered good because knowing a person before something permanent happens is necessary and finding people is also tough.

Why do men cheat? What really drives their behavior?

In general, we give men a hard time because as much as we love them, they get a bad rap for being the main ones to cheat in a relationship. This is not to say that women don’t cheat, but when it comes to the gender that cheats the most, men certainly take the cake.

Get More Info here and explore why do men cheat in the first place. Take a look at our list of reasons why men are unfaithful.

Reason #1: They learned by watching the men in their lives become unfaithful to their partners

The men they grew up with (father figures, uncles, cousins, brothers, etc.) may never have been faithful to their partners. The relationships we have with men come from the ones we’ve seen in our childhood and past experiences. The same principle applies to men.

This however is definitely not the case for all men, but it certainly is a trend amongst men who grew up with other males who cheated or became emotionally/physically abusive. Some men witness these behaviors and may be conditioned to feel that it is okay to cheat. It may be the only type of relationship that they know.

Reason # 2: They have been hurt in the past by a previous partner

Our families and childhood can definitely play a role in the type of romantic relationships we have in the future. But so do past boyfriends and girlfriends. A previous significant other could have been the one to cheat and lie to them. That type of relationship can be so damaging to a man that he loses hope and gives up on trying to be a good partner to someone else. Unfortunately, that cycle continues and someone else has to suffer because of the previous behaviour of someone in his past.

Reason # 3: They have been hurt by their current partner

When a man’s girlfriend (or boyfriend) does something to hurt them, they may feel the need to cheat to either get over the hurt or to get even. This is especially the case if their partner recently cheated on them.

And no, not every man reacts this way. A good man will just break up with you or work out the issues in some healthy way. But other men may do the opposite. It’s more like a “You hurt me, I’ll hurt you worse” attitude. They want you to feel the same type of pain that they felt when you hurt them. Some men have a difficult time truly verbalizing their feelings. Instead of being able to be vulnerable and emotional, they act out in other ways, like cheating.

Reason # 4: They are influenced by other people and other factors in their environment

Sometimes, a good man can cheat too. There could be alcohol involved. There could be the wrong people involved that are influencing the behavior. There could be another girl who is throwing herself at your boyfriend when you’re not around.

Whatever the situation may be, it is up to your man as to how far those factors will take him.

If he does cheat (and is honest about it), maybe this is something you can work through—especially if this is the only time he’s done it. But that is up to you. No one deserves to be cheated on. Not once, twice, or a million times. But at the end of the day, no one else can be the judge on your relationship except for you.

Reason # 5: They’re not looking for Mrs. Right but for Mrs. Right Now

Some men just aren’t ready for a real commitment. They may feel that being committed to one person is more like a death sentence. Instead, they’re looking for the next, hottest woman to put on their arm and don’t know how to be satisfied with the woman they already have at home.

Either way, men who think this way are just immature and selfish. You shouldn’t concern yourself with the reasons why men cheat. If your man continues to cheat, kick him to the curb.