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Minecraft is known to be the sandbox game in which the player has the option to create their own world. So they can just explore the world and fight for their own life. This is the game that makes the players learn different things like how to survive, farm, mine and create Minecraft.

One of the most popular features of this game is the Minecraft Survival ServersIf we talk about the current scenario, then there are various Minecraft servers that are available as options for the people, now we will discuss in detail about some of the options that are available:

Nether games

This is known to be one of the famous server editions these days. In the past few years, there has been tremendous growth in this server. This is a server that is known to provide a well-made version of the various Minecraft games to the players.

Purple prison

This is another famous prison server that has been ever created in order to boost up the morale of the players while playing the game. Furthermore, this is a platform that makes it easy for people to make availability of the various gaming options to the players.


This is the fastest grown server in the past few years. Players are using it to play the various gaming option all over the world.

These are the various types of servers that are available as an option for the people, out of which they can select the server that is known to provide them with the features that they think will be best for them. So not only are the servers that are involved in this game, but there are some other features also that are also included in this game that makes it the most famous option for the users.

There are different things that are involved in this game. The best part of this game is that it includes the golems that help the player in getting the protection from the enemies. There are basically two types of golemns that are available; one is the snow golem while the other are the iron golem.

How to make golemn in Minecraft?

Generally, it is believed that the golemn keep on going from one place to another. If the players want to keep them at one place only, then they can either tie them with the lead so that they can sit still at a pla e. The player should try to keep the two types of the golemn away from each other. As in case if they are kept together, then their golemn can kill the snow golem with just a single click.

Snow golem

This is the first type of the given that the players can create. Some facts related to the snow glomn are as follows:

  • They are formed by joining the two snowballs, and the pumpkin is attached to the top of it in order to form the snow golemn.
  • Attacks the enemies by throwing the snowballs

Iron golem

This is another type of the golemn that are available. Some common things that a person must know regarding them are as follows:

  • Created by stacking the two iron blocks with a pumpkin at the top
  • They generally attack in the situation when the enemy attacks
  • They never attack the creepers

These are some of the facts related to the golemn that must be kept in mind by the players. A person must have a clear idea regarding the various terms that a user in the game so that he can play the game more quickly. If the player is alert while playing the game, then he will have more chances of winning the game.

If played appropriately, then this game will be a good option for the players as this is a game that makes people learn about new things in a better way. They will learn the proper way of farming, cutting, harvesting the plants and also they will get an idea as planting which tree will be an advisable option. Especially in the corona, a person can sit safely at home and play the online Minecraft game on Minecraft Survival Servers.