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It is not enough to simply state your affirmations daily and hope for the best. We need to take the extra step of making sure we are keeping ourselves accountable with a daily reflection after saying our statements. This can be done in a variety of ways, including journaling, creating a vision board, or setting reminders on our phones. When you make yourself accountable and actively reflect on what you want, it allows you to manifest your affirmations into reality by eliminating mental blocks that prevent us from taking action. Here’s how keeping yourself accountable with daily reflections after stating your affirmations can lead to better and more fulfilling results:

  1. Establish A Clear Vision

The first step in achieving success is establishing a clear vision of what you want to accomplish. By reflecting on your affirmations daily, will help create focus and clarity around the goals that you have set for yourself. It will also provide structure for reaching those goals through intentional action-taking and self-reflection. Taking time each day to reflect on what you have said will allow you to evaluate if there are any changes that need to be made or adjustments that should be taken in order to reach your goals faster or more efficiently.

2 . Hold Yourself Accountable

When we are held accountable for our actions it increases our motivation and accountability towards accomplishing our goals because we know someone else is watching us – whether it’s ourselves or another person – and therefore makes us more likely to follow through with them as opposed to just talking about them without taking any action at all. By doing this daily reflection exercise, we are holding ourselves accountable every single day which then leads us closer to achieving the life that we desire while also providing an ongoing source of motivation as well.

3 . Reevaluate & Readjust Goals  

Life can often throw unexpected obstacles in our path so it’s important that we reevaluate and readjust our goals when necessary in order to keep moving forward even when faced with challenges along the way. Doing this daily reflection exercise helps us become aware of where we stand compared to where we want to be so that if something isn’t quite working out, then it gives us the opportunity to make modifications accordingly before things get too out of hand or track from where they should be going.

4 . Getting out of your comfort zone   

Constantly reflecting on what has been said during the affirmation sessions, helps to push people out of their comfort zone and encourages them to take risks because they now have an idea of what needs to be done next to achieve success faster than ever before! It also helps to remove fear by reminding people that failure isn’t permanent; it’s just an opportunity for growth that will ultimately bring them closer to their desired outcome, even if they experience a setback along the way, which is inevitable at some point on any journey!

 5 . Create balance & stay grounded  

It’s easy for people who focus on manifesting their desires through affirmations to sometimes lose sight of other aspects of their lives such as relationships, physical health/wellness, etc. Doing these reflections every day keeps the individual grounded by ensuring balance across multiple areas rather than just focusing on one specific task/goal alone which could potentially lead them down a path filled with unhealthy habits such as neglecting sleep/nutrition or overworking themselves without realizing until much later down the line when consequences arise due to their lack of maintenance on multiple fronts simultaneously!

 6 . Feel good about what you have achieved  

By doing these reflections consistently over time, individuals start to feel good about what they have achieved so far, no matter how small it may seem at first because eventually, those little steps add up to something big! This sense of accomplishment encourages people to stay motivated throughout the process because they now know exactly where they stand, and having solid evidence that hard work is paying off boosts confidence levels significantly, leading to higher levels of productivity/achievement overall!

 7 . Improve self-awareness    

Regularly reflecting on one’s performance increases self-awareness, which helps to identify potential strengths/weaknesses, allowing one to gain further insight into themselves, paving the way for personal development moving forward! Knowing oneself deeply allows the individual to identify areas of improvement, and adjust accordingly based on new information gained, resulting in an improved outlook for future events, chances of success increase exponentially due to a heightened level of understanding regarding the subject matter discussed here today!

 8 . Take action now & keep moving forward

Finally, last but certainly not least; having gone through the above points, now is the time to actually act on them, put it all together, formulate a plan, execute it, stay disciplined, stay on course despite temptations, stay on course, stay on course, stay on course, stay on course, stay on course, stay on course, stay on course, stay on course, stay on course! Taking regular consistent action and continuously moving forward in the intended direction will result in incremental gains small steps turning into bigger ones eventually leading to the end goal originally envisioned outset journey starting to begin – sooner rather than later too!


We cannot rely on words alone when attempting to set intentions and create positive outcomes, life experiences, and general well being whether mental, physical, psychological, or spiritual; we must ensure that we hold ourselves accountable, follow up statements in a timely manner by means that reflect the same question asked in the first instance clarify the reasoning behind answer given seek alternative solutions if needed build momentum maintain focus desired outcome persistently strive to achieve the same thing on a long term basis no matter the difficulties encountered along the way! Without proper accountability none of the processes would really work effectively, rendering the whole process fruitless, a pointless venture, and a waste of effort, energy, and resources invested in the initial stages of the process!