Common Words That Might Make Or Break The Game

Words With Friends cheat with blank is a popular multiplayer board game that has players battling it out online to claim the crown of “World Champion”. But how does one go about winning this game?

The answer lies in strategy, and specifically in knowing what words are worth playing.

To win at Words With Friends you need to know what your opponents are likely to play at any given time, and then decide if you have a better response to those options than they do.

In order to be successful at this, you have to have an understanding of how the various word cards work, as well as their overall importance when played against other players.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common types of words and exactly why they make or break your chances of victory in Words With Friends.

Ace Word

This word card is generally considered to be the strongest in the deck. This is because it allows you to pick the type of opponent you want to face – so if you’re playing against someone who’s particularly good at defense, you might choose to play an Ace word to give yourself a slight advantage.

If you’re playing against a player who plays offense very frequently, however, you may wish to consider using your Ace word more sparingly, as it will allow them to rack up points faster and put you under pressure.

Double Word

These words are also known as “doubles” because they allow you to double the amount of the word you can use in the next turn. For example, if you were going to play a Four-Letter Word, you could instead play a Double Four-Letter Word, which would allow you to select two more letters for your next turn.

While these are generally used by those wishing to build up their offense, they can also be useful in building defense, especially if you’ve been hit hard by your opponent.

Four Letter Word

Four Letter Words are usually used by defensive players, since they tend to be slower than other types of words. However, they do have the ability to block your opponent from playing the word they’ve selected, making them a great choice if they’re available on your turn and you’re looking to keep your opponent from scoring.

Five Letter Word

Five Letter Words allow you to select five different letters, giving you more flexibility over your next move. If you’re playing against a player who tends to have a high number of offensive moves, you may find that you can get away with playing a Five Letter Word, since it gives you more room to maneuver.

Six Letter Word

Six Letter Words can be used by both offense and defense players, but they are often used defensively when you’re not sure where to go with your turn. They allow you to select six new letters, giving you a lot of options with your next move.

Seven Letter Word

Seven Letter Words are similar to Six Letter Words, but with a few key differences. The first is that Seven Letter Words can only be played during an unblocked turn, meaning that there isn’t always the option of using it as a shield.

Secondly, Seven Letter Words don’t allow you to select seven new letters, but rather just six. Lastly, Seven Letter Words tend to be used by players who like taking risks and are willing to sacrifice some points in exchange for more options in the future.

Triple Word

Triple Words are sometimes used by aggressive players, although they are just as applicable to defensive strategies. Triple Words allow you to triple the amount of the word you’re selecting, meaning that you can choose three new letters to add to your next move. They’re not typically used in conjunction with other words, so they’ll be useful in building off of your previous move.

Word of Two Letters

Word of Two Letters are generally seen as weaker than single letter words, but they still offer players a lot of options in terms of what they can do with their next move. These are best used in conjunction with other words, allowing you to select two new letters to add to your next move.

Word of Three Letters

These words are generally seen as being the weakest of all. As such, they aren’t often used at all, unless you’re playing against a very particular type of opponent and feel like you need all of your wits about you.

Word of Four Letters

Like Word of Two Letters, these words aren’t often used because they’re considered to be weak. However, they do provide players with the ability to add four new letters to their move, helping them to create words that may otherwise be too difficult to pull off.

Word of Five Letters

Five Letter Words are generally seen as stronger than Word of Four Letters. This is because they offer five new letters to add to your next move, which can help you form a much more powerful word. The downside, of course, is that you cannot use a Five Letter Word to block your opponent from playing the word they’ve chosen.

Word of Six Letters

Six Letter Words are generally seen as being the strongest of all. Players will often use them in tandem with other words, since they allow you to select six new letters to add to your move. Like Five Letter Words, they also allow you to block your opponent from playing the word they’ve chosen.

Word of Seven Letters

As mentioned above, Seven Letter Words are not commonly used, though they are sometimes used defensively. This means that players will often use them in tandem with other words, creating a strong combination of offense and defense.

Playing Words With Friends

There are plenty of different kinds of words to play in Words With Friends, so it’s important to learn how each one works. By doing this, you ensure that you have the best possible chance of beating your opponents.

Once you understand what words are worth playing and what kind of words are most effective, you should be able to start dominating your opponents and winning games.