Leaf Mulch- Lawn Clean System

Cleanliness is next to godliness- a phrase that we all have been hearing since childhood and are instructed by elders to follow diligently all the time but how many of us are actually serious about it?

Well, very few because the elders themselves seem to forget that they didn’t set by the rules either and were advised the same by their elders and the cycle continues to this day.

Cleanliness can be defined in various aspects where we keep our surroundings clean or keep our body clean and free from diseases but while both are important, we shall focus on our home garden for this piece of writing.

Leafy Issue

Almost every neighborhood has a garden or park that all the residents of the society visit once in a while for some relaxation from a hectic schedule in their professional lives.

The trees all around are laden with leaves of various color hues with green and brown being the most prominent amongst others because it is a beautiful sight to behold and most people enjoy witnessing it with their own eyes.

The winter season is just a few months away so you can expect the leaves to freeze rock solid and start falling by the time autumn arrives thereby giving way for a new generation of leaves to grow on that same tree, which is similar to the human life cycle.

The leaves that fall during autumn end up in a huge heap that surrounds the entire place in such a mound that there is no place to keep your feet and it requires cleaning, which is how the leaf mulcher comes into the picture.

Leaf mulch would remind many people of lawn mowing because they are pretty similar in that you clean the ground by mowing the overgrown grass with the help of a lawn mower.

Lawn mowing is like when you cut overgrown hair and beard so that you look nice and the same holds true for the garden as well where you sheer off the overgrown grass to a sizeable portion so that it looks good.

Now raking off leaves one by one and bagging them is a huge headache which is why you stuff the entire bunch in a container that contains sharp blades to specifically cut down the leaves to shreds in order to dispose them off.

Skill Labor

You can look up leaf mulcher online in order to get an idea of what they are if you aren’t too familiar with mulching where you can come across a cordless leaf vacuum or attached to metal strings where the blade is operated through a lever.

 The shredded leaves are used as mulch around the plants and garden beds that prevent unnatural weed growth while simultaneously releasing nutrients at a slow phase into the soil so that it feeds off once its decomposition is done.

It is the perfect substitute for a lawn mower that you can store in the attic or the farmhouse and take out whenever leaves have to be shredded.