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Dungeon Rush: Evolved is one of the most popular games of all time on Android smartphones, and the passion for the game has grown with each user since this game is the one that involves the player in itself owing to its fantastic gameplay. The fighting game is the genre. Dungeon Rush: Evolved returned with many enhancements over the previous edition of this game, including all of the bug fixes that some players were experiencing. Read more on How to install dungeon rush evolved on windows 10.

Levels and game plans

In Dungeon Rush: Evolution for PC, you must clear your levels, crash the empires, and add your name to the list of monarchs. You must vanquish many monsters and keep on for more difficult yet strategic battles. Build an army and defeat your opponent. The most interesting feature is auto farming; once you’ve unlocked the dungeon, you don’t have to be in the game to train your heroes; they’ll acquire experience on their own through auto farming and will enter the combat once they’ve gained enough experience. Assemble fictitious heroes, establish a battle-hardened team, engage in combat with other players, and achieve legendary feats. You can also join forces with other players to control the dungeon rush universe. This game will drive you insane as you progress since it is one of the most addictive games of all time.

You may see fresh tracks in various spots, as well as grassy fields where you can take shortcuts and avoid army tanks and cops. This game is entertaining and offers a variety of experiences on a single platform. The dungeon rush: evolved for Windows 10/ 8/ 7 or Mac includes all of the features found in the game for Android or iOS devices. The article below will show you how to download and install Dungeon Rush: Evolution for computers.

How to Download and Install Dungeon Rush for PC:

  1. First, download either BlueStacks or Andy Android Emulator to your computer, using the download button located at the top of this page.
  2. Once the installer has finished downloading, double-click it to begin the installation process.
  3. Continue with the crucial installation procedures by clicking “next” a few times.
  4. After you see the word “install” on the screen, click it to begin the last installation step, and then click “complete” when it’s through.
  5. Launch the BlueStacks software from the Windows or Mac start menu or a desktop shortcut.
  6. Sign in to your Google account, which may take a few minutes.
  7. Finally, you will be transported to the Google Play store website, where you may search for the dungeon rush app in the search box and do dungeon rush installation for pc or computer.

Most Android games and apps are removed from the Google Play store daily if they do not adhere to developer program regulations. Even if you don’t find the dungeon rush app on the Google Play Store, you may still download the APK from this page and install it. You can use the same way described above if you want to use Andy OS emulator or free download dungeon rush for mac. So now you know How to install dungeon rush evolved on windows 10.

Hoverboards are a form of electric transportation facility similar to electric bikes and scooters which have a very limited and slow pace of workforce driving them. The speed and range they provide aren’t too aggressive or rigorous which makes them the perfect fit for kids’ fun and enjoyment activities.

These hoverboards don’t work like traditional skateboards, therefore making it easy for the kids to operate them regardless of their age and skills concerning the hoverboard. Traditionally skateboards were difficult to learn and required a lot of practice and patience to be mastered. It used to take the kids years and months of practice to try and master different skateboard tricks, but that is not the case with hoverboards.

The gyroscopes make it easy for the hoverboard to be controlled and moved to and fro, the leaning and the pressure of the bodyweight make the speed of the hoverboard increase and decrease accordingly. It is practically very easy to use and experience in contrast with skateboards. 

Even if you’re a veteran at skateboarding that doesn’t exactly mean that you’ll know and be aware of everything related to hoverboards too. 

What are the best amenities and additional features a hoverboard can have?

Additional features such as indications for any circuitry or internal defects, maximized heat emission on continuous use, depiction, and warning of low battery left in the hoverboard, etc along with advanced Bluetooth speakers, and attractive lights are always an additive to such products that make them one of the top 10 best Bluetooth hoverboards.

Flashy, vibrant lights and loudspeakers that let you listen to your favorite music while cruising the lanes will provide you with the serenity that is unmatched and unprecedented, these features will make you choose the best Bluetooth hoverboard for yourself.

The top 5 Best Bluetooth hoverboards with speakers and lights available in the market are:

  1. Hoverpro H8 White Hoverboard.
  2. Ecodoodle 6.5 Self-Balancing Hoverboard.
  3. Hoverpro H6+ Skullcandy Hoverboard.
  4. Hoverpro H9 Military Hummer Offroad Hoverboard.
  5. Hoverpro H6+ Camoblue  6.5 Hoverboard.

What are the other factors we should take care of while owning a hoverboard?

Even though these hoverboards are expensive and range within a specific price amount they are allotted, they also provide different additional features and other amenities which make them the top 10 best Bluetooth hoverboards.

You must also consider factors such as the UL Certification or any other certification, speed, range, and battery charge, the hoverboard’s weight, rider’s body weight, and height, and other such factors. 

Some rules and regulations are also imposed regarding the use of vehicles on roads, these rules and regulations differ from state to state and the people are advised to take care of these regulations and follow them thoroughly which ensures their safety.

Along with these, the users are also required to wear protective gears that ensure their safety on the road while operating these vehicles at all times. This makes sure their safety stays intact even if anything miserable happens because road accidents are always uncertain.

Minecraft is the most popular game that people love to play; people are so influences by the game they buy minecraft account and play different missions and enjoy it. So people enjoy playing this game. But there are many times when you face many problems while playing the Minecraft game, and one of the main issues that you get is lagging. But there are many ways through which you can resolve that issue and play the game smoothly without any problem. If you are also facing any of these problems and looking for the options that will help you get rid of them, you should check this out!!

Ways to fix the issue

There are different ways through which you can fix the issues that you get in the game, and some of those are mentioned in the following points-

Change video setting

You can fix the issue of lagging by doing sets in the high video setting, which can bring you nice pictures in the game. Some of the steps that you can consider to change the setting are mentioned below-

  • First, you need to run Minecraft.
  • Then there, you will find the options; you have to click on that.
  • After that there you will find the option that says video settings.
  • Then you have to change some settings or set keys, including Graphics –Fast, Smooth Lighting- Off, 3D Anaglyph- Off, VSync- Off, Bobbing- Off, Clouds- Off, and Lower Max Framerate.
  • Once you are done with the setting, you need t launch the game to check.

Set Java as a priority

As you know, that Minecraft game has been written in Java, and when you do the Java setting, you will be able to get some solution to the lagging issue. Here are some of the steps or points you can consider that will help you with that.

  • First, you need to open the Task Manager that you can do by pressing Ctrl + shift + Esc together.
  • After that, you need to click on the details.
  • When you click on the detail, you will get the option of Java; you need to click right on Java and choose to set priority> High.

Set up internet speed

There are many times when the only problem of getting lags in the game is because of the internet issue.

That is why you need to check the internet speed and try to use a network that is stable. You can change the ISP service and other things that can affect the stability of the internet. So you need to check that first, and then it will increase your speed of internet.


These are some of the fixes that you can consider which will help you in solving the problem of lagging that you are getting in the game. You can follow any of these options, and you will be able to get the solution.

As one of the rarest minerals in Minecraft, diamonds are very popular and are also becoming the most sought-after items in Minecraft. It is for its various functionalities in manufacturing tools, weapons, and diamond and nephrite armor. The rarity of diamonds is equal to that of emeralds, lapis lazuli, and ancient debris, making these items extremely difficult to find. For this reason, we provide information in this article to assist players who wish to maintain their supply of diamonds.

  • Location-Based

You don’t have to worry about the diamond shortage. There are always ways to discover them! Diamonds can be obtained from diamond ore, and a somewhat rare block is randomly generated from level 5 to 16 stones. Diamonds can be found anywhere below layer 16 but are more common in layers 5 to 12.

  • Caving

In general, there are two ways to obtain diamonds: caving or mining. Whichever method you choose, you will need an iron, diamond, or nephrite pick to mine the diamonds (as well as other mineral blocks such as gold and emerald).

The first method you can try is caving or first buy minecon cape, then start with the process. This option requires fewer resources than mining, although there is some risk involved with this method. Speleology requires players to explore various dark caves filled with monsters, which is considered more dangerous and time-consuming.

To find diamond ore by caving, explore any cave you can find. Find the shallow entrances of the caves or excavations and go down until you are below level 15. However, it is recommended that you mine at level 11 or 12 rather than going too deep, as the lava beds appear mainly in level 10.

  • TNT

Did you know that when you mine diamonds, you can do something strange, blow up a TNT? It is considered one of the fastest ways to obtain diamonds before the explosion. If you have the required amount to buy a capethen choose to buy it. However, it is important to note that you must kill many creepers to get gunpowder and receive a lot of sand.

  • Branch Mining

Although you use more resources to make tools, branch mining is a safer and more reliable option for you than caving. It also creates many replacement pavers, gravel, andesite, and other abundant materials that you can mine along with the diamonds. Before you begin, prepare 10 or more picks; bring a bucket of water, a full iron armor, four stacks of torches, an iron sword, some quality food, a craft table, and an oven. You can use your bucket to store lava from nearby lava pools to melt them well. Players can dig a vertical shaft, a quarry, or a flight of stairs to access the diamond layers. It is recommended not to go beyond level 11 as deeper levels will expose more lava which will block your progress.


You may not get the diamonds yourself, but it is possible to get diamond items instead of trading with the villagers. You can get a Diamond Pick from a Tool Blacksmith Villager, a Diamond Sword from a Gunsmith Villager, a Diamond Ax from a Gunsmith Villager, a Diamond Shovel from a Tool Blacksmith Villager, and Diamond Armor from a Gunsmith Villager.

Hey guys! If you’re new to playing Minecraft Pocket Edition, this guide should help you get on your feet! I’ll be going over a few things that will help you get started in a new survival world but before you do anything else, you need to learn what is if you want to dominate the game. If you’re not new to MCPE, maybe suggest this guide to any friends who may be planning on getting MCPE soon!

Building Your First Home

I think the first thing that you should try to do in survival mode builds a home. As soon as it gets nighttime, hostile mobs will start to appear, and these will attack you! It’s important to build a house so that you can stay sheltered as the night goes past. It doesn’t need to look good, and it doesn’t even need to be very big. Instead, try to focus on getting a house created as soon as possible, just so you have a place to stay for the first few in-game nights.

Finding Comfort

You won’t want to spend your nights in a quickly built shack for very long, so after you’ve built the first home, you will want to work towards making a bed! If you sleep in a bed at night, it will skip to daytime, and if you die, you’ll spawn back at your bed. To create a bed, you’ll need wool and wood, so you’ll need to hunt down some sheep.

Tools of the Trade

After you have a bed, you’ll need to get enough tools to get supplies to build a real home! The two most important tools you’ll need will be pickaxes and hatches for mining wood and stone, but you’ll also need to rely on other tools like swords for killing mobs, and shovels for clearing out dirt mounds and collecting sand quickly. Try and get stone tools as quickly as possible so you can work on gathering supplies for a proper house.

Moving On

Once you’ve got tools, a bed, and a starter home, you’re ready to gather better gear! From here you can look for iron ore to create iron armor and tools, and build anything your mind can think of!