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World Conqueror 4 is one of the turn-based strategy military games developed and published by Everyone. The gameplay walks you through the times of World War II, where players will witness the true and cruel side of wars. The developers have focused on every historical moment like the battle of Stalingrad, the battle of Dunkirk, the battle of Midway Islands, and the North African campaign. 

In the gameplay, players have to build their strategies and accomplish them within the time allowed according to the situation. Everyone is trying to bring a glimpse of World War II by incorporating over 100 great campaigns indeed based on history. 

But, do you know what the best part is? Players will get the opportunity to act as a charge into battle, mobilize troops and commanders. That means you are likely to make every decision to act upon the given scenario and change the fate of World War II. So, here are some things that you would experience inside the gameplay. 

  • Conquest 

Players would get to relive the four biggest wars of history, including WWII 1939, WWII 1943, Cold War 1950, and Modern War 1980. You are allowed to choose any country you want in this world, and develop your diplomatic tactics, build allies, and declare war with other countries. 

You have to adjust your war strategies based on the available resources, build cities, science and technology, battlefield, and the availability of the troops. All you have to do is occupy as many territories as you can in the limited time possible. Your score will be ranked according to the Google Game and updated on the world leaderboard. 

  • Legion 

When beginning your Changing-the-fate journey, you will have to build and train your army in the headquarters and deploy your troops for a legion battle. You should remember that the proper usage of your army and generals would result in unbeatable victory. 

That means the gameplay will challenge you at every turn, and you have to make rational decisions to defeat your enemies. The best part is that Everyone has incorporated over 40 challenge operations to see how far your commanding skills can survive. So, you will have to be rational while making any decision because every decision you make would have different consequences. 

  • How To Install World Conqueror 4 On Your Computer? 

Games like World Conqueror 4 are specially programmed for android mobiles, making it challenging for you to download the game on your PC. So, you might be wondering how to get World Conqueror 4 PC for free. To do that, you have to follow the below steps. 

  • First, you need to download a reliable emulator like BlueStacks and install it on your PC. 
  • After that, the emulator allows you to download the game’s files on your PC directly without any hassle. 
  • The android emulator will convert the game files into a coded language that your PC can read.
  • Finally, you can enjoy your World Conqueror 4 on the bigger screen of your PC.

These are the steps you need to follow for installing World Conqueror 4 on your PC. 

Yes, there are ranks in games too-

As the world has turned into a digital platform where almost everything is turning digital, and every work had digital involvement, then every part of it needs attention; nothing can be ignored. Digitalization has also created opportunities for people by providing new things to start or try their careers in. There are many platforms where people can present themselves and their talent and try their hands at new things. Also, people watching them can be attracted to some new approach and try their part in the same field. It is also creating success for itself by the same cycle or work. The new thing in which people are being successful and are attracting more youngsters is gaming. Gaming has also provided many people with success, and with that, others get motivated and interested in it.

 This has also created opportunities and made space for people in some new fields. Gaming was considered a full-time career by many people, but it acted as an eye-opener for many people when there was success seen in this field. Now, so many youngsters are making money with gaming, and one of the very known games in this field is CSGO. You can have an account there; you can buy an already existing account from CSGO Accounts for sale.

You can buy it if you are into it-

Many people who are leaving gaming have their accounts, but they don’t want it to be wasted, so they sell it to some other player to handle it properly, and if in the future they want to return, then they can buy it back. Also, creating an account in CSGO requires money, and while you sell it, you will ask for the money too because you paid for it first. If they go for a new account, they also have to pay for it, and in the new account, they have to start from zero, but here they will get a prepared account with a nice setup. So, people find it easier and buy it even at higher rates than a new one because they have to work less in preparing or creating the account. They have to buy it, then edit some settings according to their comfort and play. And yes, they do have to edit the username too.

So, buying CSGO Accounts for sale is not about discounts but about how nice accounts you can get. The gaming industry prepares an online auction, too, for some legendary accounts of the legendary players of CSGO and other games. A prepared account is only given to the one who is deserving and capable of handling it. So, any random person cannot just get up and buy it with money, they have to go through a test, and their performance in the game has to be analyzed, so that whenever the play wants to return to the industry and start playing again with the same account, then the condition remains at a good state if they start from the beginning their hard work is in good hands. 

Available since last Sunday in France, Pokémon GO has already driven millions of budding trainers crazy around the world. The title is not without flaws, however. Niantic’s game tutorial does not clearly explain specific gameplay mechanics.

If you have just embarked on the Pokémon GO adventure, here,, are eight handy tips to progress and become the best trainer in the world, but that the title does not clearly present to neophytes.

PokéStops cool down often

Symbolized by a blue marker on the map, the PokéStops are vital places where it is possible to collect various beneficial objects to fill your Pokédex and subsequently conquer the game’s arenas.

Note that the Pokéstops cool off quite often (between 3 and 5 minutes on average). If you, therefore, have one near you, it is interesting to regularly loot its content to replenish your Pokéball stock or recover experience (50XP per PokéStops).

Transfer Pokémon for Candy

You may have already noticed that when you catch a Pokémon, you also collect candy associated with it. They are used to evolve and improve the stats of your creatures.

There is a simple way to increase your supply of candy. Each time a Pokémon is transferred, the game automatically provides you with a candy linked to the transferred monster.

Thus, if you have captured two Carapuces, it is sometimes interesting to transfer the weaker one to recover a candy before using it on the second to make it evolve/increase its power.

Pokemon and PokeStops in motion

In transport, don’t let your guard down. Even if, in the application, you move at high speed, it is indeed still possible to interact with the Pokémon that appear or with the PokeStop.

By anticipating the moment you pass a PokeStop, you can even loot the items it hides. It just takes a little practice, responsiveness, and timing.

For arenas, however, this technique does not work. It is necessary to stay close to the arena to carry out the battles.

Trainer level influences rare Pokémon.

Don’t expect to run into rare Pokémon without a good trainer level. Indeed, the latter influences the encounter rate of unusual Pokémon and their power (symbolized by the CP stat). So, at the start of the game, there is a good chance that you will mainly encounter only Roucools, Nosferaptis, and other Rattatas.

But do not despair and especially catch all the Pokémon you come across. Each new capture grants a bonus of 600 XP points (100 XP points if the Pokémon has already been added to the Pokédex). By accumulating the catches, you will be level 10 in no time at all and will therefore be able to start meeting more powerful creatures!

Collect money and items while defending arenas

Once at level 5, it is possible to visit Pokémon Gyms and fight other trainers. If you enter a Pokégym of your team’s color (Yellow, Red, or Blue) or take control of an enemy Pokégym, you can assign a Pokémon of your choice to it.

From there, go to the shop Pokemon Go and click on the icon-shaped shield at the top right of the screen to get free PokéCoins and Star Dust.

Click here every 20 hours to collect more (provided you have at least one Pokémon in an arena). The quantity received depends on the number of Pokémon in the PokéGyms and their level.