Link Building Practices to Avoid – Know about the practices 

Backlinks have always been important for search engines to evaluate website’s credibility and popularity. However, as link building is getting more complicated, there are few important things we must know and ensure to avoid them at all cost.

Ecommerce Digital Marketing Agency will cost less to the business owners in comparison to other agencies. The building of the link is possible within the budget of the people. You need to know about important things related to the desired services with the digital marketing services. 

Things to avoid while getting backlinks:

Below are few important factors to avoid while you make backlinks for your website:

  • Spammy Links: Remember, you don’t need links from places like; link farms and content harvesting sites (article directories).
  • Irrelevant Links: This important factor has been ignored or pay less attention to by many webmasters while getting backlinks for their websites. By getting relevant backlinks, you tell search engines about the authority of your website in the same niche you are dealing in.
  • Low-quality Content: Content marketing only works as long as you are publishing quality and original content. If you think spun articles would help you achieve top ranking in Google, think again…
  • Links from Penalized Websites: I am sure not everyone checks to see if the site they want a backlink from is either penalized in Google or not. Make sure you check each and every site you want incoming links from. Placing links in penalized websites would do more bad than any good to your site
  • Getting Bulk Backlinks: Yes, I would repeat the old saying here; quality is more important than quantity when it comes to making backlinks.

In short, don’t just ask people to link to your website, ‘make’ them link to your website by offering something worth to share. People like sharing unique things online, so it is upto you to offer them the same. Just stay creative and original. Think of it as a link baiting technique where you publish an article or a video and it goes viral when shared by a third party (i.e., your audience).