What’s Your Skin Types

Ask anyone you know what type of skin they have, they’ll blurt out OILY Skin. Not everyone has oily skin. In fact, there are 5 different skin types, Oily, Combination, Dry, Sensitive & Normal. Your skin type is determined by a lot of factors such as; hormonal fluctuations, genetics, skincare routine, age, stress level, etc. Knowing which skin type you have is important when buying skincare products and keeping your skin healthy.


A) Sweating a lot B) Visible or large pores over most of the face C) Shiny forehead down to the noes(T-Zone area) D) Frequent breakouts and prone to blackheads. With this skin type, the goal is to have balance. You don’t want to over-cleanse your skin, thereby stripping your skin of its natural sebum. Take care of your skin by washing with a cleanser suited for oily skin, exfoliate twice a week, and use oil-free moisturizers. Also, be sure to check in with your esthetician regularly for a deep-cleansing facial. The good news is that people with oily skin age a lot better than those with dry skin.


Milady’s fundamentals define combo skin as A) Can be both oily and dry B) Both oily and normal at the same time C) The T-Zone through the middle of the face on the forehead, nose, and chin is oilier(this area has more sebaceous gland and larger pores). Take care of your skin by avoiding harsh products, exfoliating regularly, and using proper products for this skin type.


There is not enough sebum production with dry skin, so this skin type requires a little bit more care. A)Small pores/follicles B) Skin texture can be slightly rough and feel tight. Taking care of dry skin requires using heavier cleansers and moisturizers to help hold in moisture.


With so many products on the market, people with Sensitive Skin need to be mindful of what they use because this skin type is easily irritated by products, sun exposure, and the environment. Over time, anyone’s skin can fall under the sensitive skin category, but this skin CONDITION is also genetically predisposed. Treating this skin type can be challenging, but what works best for sensitive skin is non-irritating, protecting, and soothing products.


Most women have this skin type. Malady’s fundamentals list these categories for normal skin A) Pores are normal size B) Free of blemishes C) good oil-water balance D) pores are smaller to medium just on the edge of the T- zone by the nose. Normal skin is a lot easier to handle, as long as you follow a good skincare regimen.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to “KEEP IT HONEST”. All skin types changes with weather, hormones, stress level, and most importantly with AGE. When you know your skin type, you can deal with it accordingly.