Day: August 31, 2021

Are you at the retirement stage of your life? Living in this stage have a deeper challenge than most of you think. Elderly people doesn’t only face the hardships of old age but many sacrifices especially after they reached retirement age. Depending on different governments, the average age of retirement range from 55 up to 65 years.

Some people views retirement stage like reaching a finish line in which they can take a full time vacation from life-long work. All the office stress, meetings and deadlines are now things of the past. All the hard work that requires less sleep, skipping meals and unhealthy snacking are now gone. Truly, elderly people can enjoy life to the fullest.

So what should a retired individual do to actually live life to the fullest? That’s right, to have a healthy lifestyle that could help prolong mortality. As you know, elderly people are prone to different diseases such as being overweight, heart problems, hypertension, diabetes and many others. So to enjoy life to the maximum level, one should have a healthy retired life.

How to live a fitter life after retirement?

Middle age is the time when aches and different body pains occurs. The body weakens and the bones becomes brittle. This is the reason why your finances must be well managed to support your health needs once you hit your retirement stage. Shopping galore and other vices like smoking and alcohol addiction must be lessen or stopped if possible, to be able to achieve optimum health.

As we age, our immune system degenerates and the body’s capabilities to absorb energy and nutrients from the food we eat deteriorates. Another good reason why there are life-time supplements to support our body’s needs. Ignoring the signs of age-related health conditions definitely will pose many problems. So what are the possible ways to stay fit and healthy?

Being physically active is still the best way to lose weight and be fit even at an old age. Walking is the best exercise regimen that you can do to achieve this goal. Walking is a light workout, not stressful nor difficult to do. Depending on your health status, you can certainly make more physical activities without sacrificing your health conditions.

The next step is to avoid your old habits. If you are a smoker, alcohol drinker or an advocate of various types of bad lifestyles, then you need to stop these habits for your own health protection. Environmental health factors are so powerful, which causes 67% of total death toll each year. If you want to avoid arthritis, rheumatism, eye problems, kidney disorders, heart attack, lung diseases, cancers and many other conditions, then you need to stop your life-long vices.

Healthy diet is the third tip. Once we hit middle age, our digestive system starts to slow down nutrient absorption which results to different health deficiencies. This is the reason why senior people needs more fiber diet to prevent health disorders. Fiber and vitamin rich foods can be found in fruits, vegetables and other organic foods. If you want to prolong your life, you need to have a healthy diet for life!

Another disadvantage of living the old age is our posture problems. As we age, our bones becomes more susceptible to damage which weakens it. This is due to the loss of calcium in the bones that occurs naturally as we age. To prevent further bone damage, you need to eat calcium-rich foods that can help support your bone needs, thus improving your body posture. Foods such as green-leafy vegetables, cheese and milk are rich in calcium.

Compromising the health for old age excuses is not the deal taken, and you should be more inclined to heal and energise your body than making it lean and thin. You can’t risk the lengthy processes, and it is better to choose the fat burners for men that actually workThey are best to avoid the unwanted side effects your body can’t tolerate at this age. 

Together with physical maintenance, we also have to consider our memory or mental health. As you hit the retirement stage, your memory starts to degrade, resulting to memory loss conditions like dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and even Parkinson’s disease. To prevent memory loss, you need to exercise your mind every now and then to stay sharp and bright. One example is to read or write books or articles. Brain enhancing supplements can also play a big role in maintaining a sharp memory.

Last is to take out stress from your life. Aging is one factor why people get stressed up. They can’t accept the fact that aging is inevitable and fast approaching. You need to understand the things and the reality that you are already a senior and there will be new challenges ahead. Stop worrying to much and start to move on with your life. Play with your grand children and have more time with your family. Remember, family bonding makes life stronger and of course, longer.

In summary, living a fitter life after retirement poses new challenges that should be overcome easily with proper health knowledge and determination to change lifestyles. Being old is not a disadvantage but rather a kind of blessing. Take a healthier and fitter lifestyle especially in your post-retirement life. It would benefit your health as well as your family, as long as possible.

Bodybuilding routines are quite dissimilar to other weight training routines, which do not necessarily involve goals that are purely conducive to gaining muscle. For example, weight training routines geared toward enhancing performance in sports must be configured in such a way that allocates much consideration to enhancing speed, agility, and explosiveness, which do not involve bodybuilding goals. And for this reason, these routines avoid lifting primarily for maximum muscle growth, which diminishes mobility in most cases. The two most significant ways in which bodybuilding routines dramatically differ from other weight training routines involves the volume of sets performed for each body-part as well as the number of times individual muscles are worked per week.

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How many sets should I perform per body-part?:

To achieve maximum muscle growth, it is best to train each body-part of yours only once a week, but with a high level of frequency and intensity, which is a fundamental staple of the standard bodybuilding routine. Instead of training half of your entire body everyday with only a few sets for each individual muscle, work one or two of them each day and thoroughly exhaust them.

Altogether each body-part should be hit once a week with somewhere around 10-30 sets depending upon the capacities and gender of the individual. When I first began training each body-part once a week, I executed 25-30 sets per body part, which is a lot. Today I execute about 15-20 sets. Females should generally engage in less sets than males due the physical disparities between the genders, but not necessarily in all cases. And younger people should do more than older bodybuilders, but again, not necessarily in all cases.

Keep in mind that I am just offering guidelines here. You are the one who needs to experiment with set ranges and set your own barometer. Go with what feels natural to you and not a specific predetermined number. Although the number of sets that you perform per body-part in your bodybuilding routine should lie somewhere between 10-30 as mentioned earlier. Listen to your body. If you feel like you are capable of doing more than you are currently doing, do so, but if you ever feel like you need to to less, then do less.

Why should I train each muscle of mine only once a week?:

Because muscle growth is perpetuated while you are resting. If you were to perform only 5 sets a workout for each muscle, then you would be able to train each body-part 3 or 4 times a week. However, if you opt to perform 12 or more sets for each muscle group during your workouts, then it is physically impossible for your body to properly recover after such an excessive regimen.

Mass Exercises vs. Isolation/Shaping Exercises:

Although the average person is not aware of this, there are more than several exercises for each body-part. These exercises can be categorized into mass and isolation exercises, both of which are essential components of a sufficient bodybuilding routine.

Mass movements allow you to push heavier poundage’s which are conducive to gaining mass (keep in mind that if you use a light weight and execute over 20 reps of a mass exercise, it will not make you more massive, but instead shape and tone the muscle being worked, so even if your goal is only to become more toned, still perform these types of exercises because they will get you closer to your goal at a faster pace than isolation exercises).

However the downside to these types of movements is that they usually require more assistance from other body-parts aside from the targeted one to execute them. For example the bench press which is a chest exercise, also requires some assistance from the shoulders. To offset this consequence, good technique when performing mass movements is required. Isolation movements on the other hand require minimum assistance from other body-parts, allow you to push less weight, and promote muscle definition as opposed to mass. Also many bodybuilders strategically begin their workouts with an isolation movement to pre-exhaust their targeted muscle before moving on to a mass movement.

Rep Ranges:

When lifting with heavier weights, you will naturally be able to do less reps in one set than you would be able to with when handling lighter weights when going to exhaustion, and vice -versa. If your goal is to get stronger and gain mass, lift heavier weights and perform less reps. But if your goal is to manifest a body that is more defined, you should lift lighter weights for more reps. Also, keep in mind that lifting heavier weights for less reps is more taxing on the body so when centering any workout around low rep ranges, you should perform less total sets during that workout.

To put things into perspective, a low rep rage would be 5-7 reps. A mid-range one is 8-12 reps which many experts actually claim is the ideal rep-range for producing muscular gains, and anything higher than 12 reps is considered a high rep range.

If you’re like most of us, you’re possibly assuming to yourself ‘exactly what the heck is kegel exercises? as well as why would I intend to do them?’

So, before we go any kind of better, let me very first clarify exactly what kegel exercises are, what they do as well as why females, especially mamas have to do them.

What are kegel exercises?

Many people make the error of thinking that Kegels are rather synonymous with a lower abdominal workout, however, they are not.

Kegels are exercises that work as well as enhance the pelvic flooring muscle mass as well as make them more powerful.

These muscle masses control your urine and also hold your pelvic body organs in the area and all this is also a reason men have lowered sex drive.

Pelvic floor exercises are commonly recommended to menopausal women by their physicians for far better bladder control.

Some health and wellness authorities additionally assert that kegel exercises can accelerate sex life.

Yes, those very same relocations that make the pelvic muscle mass more powerful could additionally assist women (of any type of age!) have far better sex.

According to an expert at Greatist, kegel exercises reinforce all the vital muscular tissues that surround the urethra, vagina, anus, center of the genital walls, and base of the bladder and cervix- the muscles that matter one of the most during the sexual tasks.

The claim is that the more powerful and also much more versatile they are, the bigger muscle mass movements are most likely to be and also the more effective and pleasurable of a climax you will feel.

For those females that have yet to hit their peak, Kegels is possibly the remedy.


Kegel exercises are performed with your very own body weight as well as extremely simple to learn.

Best of all, you could do them anywhere- resting or existing down.

Yes, you could do them when you are in a resting position, which opens up a vast craze of exercise technique opportunities.

Eating, owning, as well as also working from a desk at the workplace, and in a situation you are wondering, no, your associates won’t understand your secret kegel workout practice!

Kegel exercises call for deep focus

Though you can do kegel workouts while doing various other jobs like eating, seeing TV, and working with your computer, they call for deep emphasis.

They are a series of 4-5 contractions, which you hold for 5 secs and also unwind for four to five seconds each time.

According to Mayo Clinic’s ‘An Overview of Kegel Exercises for Women’, you pursue holding contractions for 10 secs at a time and also kicking back the pelvic flooring muscles for 10 seconds between each contraction.

If you are brand-new to Kegel, start holding for 4-5 seconds each time, and also work your means as much as 10 seconds as your pelvic flooring muscular tissues get stronger.

How to do kegel exercises?

  • You initially have to discover your pelvic floor muscular tissues.
  • This could appear funny, but one way to discover your pelvic flooring is to quit peeing in midstream.
  • If you can accomplish this, you have actually discovered your pelvic floor muscular tissues.
  • If you succeed, you’ve obtained the ideal muscle mass. As soon as you’ve determined your pelvic flooring muscular tissues, you could do the workouts in any placement.

‘ Accelerate your sex life with kegel workouts’

Some ladies report existing down makes carrying out workouts much easier than resting up. Provide placements a shot, in the beginning, to see what works much better for you.

  • Kegel exercises are everything about great technique.
  • Here are crucial techniques when performing a Kegel workout.
  • Tighten your pelvic flooring muscles, hold the contraction for five seconds, and afterward unwind for 5 seconds.
  • Perform four to 5 times in a row- Develop to maintaining the muscle mass contracted for 10 seconds at a time, loosening up for 10 secs between contractions.
  • kegel exercises need focus. For best results, concentrate on tightening just your pelvic flooring muscles.

Be cautious not to bend the muscular tissues in your abdominal area, upper legs, or buttocks. Prevent holding your breath. Rather, breathe easily throughout the exercises.

Repeat three times a day. The goal for at the very least three sets of 10 reps a day.

“Don’t make a practice of using Kegel exercises to begin as well as quit your pee stream. Doing Kegel workouts while clearing your bladder can actually result in incomplete draining of the bladder – which increases the threat of a urinary tract infection.’, suggests Mayor Clinic.

The most common reason I hear why people postpone or don’t even bother with a healthy diet plan is because they find it too hard to fit it into their lifestyle. Most of the people I speak to spend most of their day stuck in an office at a desk (like me) and find very little time to squeeze in preparing a good lunch. Usually a cheap sandwich or a trip to the local fast-food chain constitutes as “lunch”.

I can definitely relate to those with busy lifestyles. However, the fact is, by satisfying your mid-day hunger with a sandwich or burger because you don’t have enough time, is usually how people end up desperately turning to a weight loss plan.

You needn’t sacrifice having a good meal to spend some extra time in front of your monitor. Having read this, you should realize that not only will you be able to easily eat healthily at work, but you can also save time and money doing it! There won’t be any more excuses!

Every Sunday afternoon, before I even think about what work is coming in the week ahead, I take just one hour to prepare several helpings of healthy lunch for the week. This week, I chose simple, sumptuous salmon steak of which I prepared 3 of them. I then prepared three portions of healthy vegetables: sweet potatoes, cabbage and broccoli.

I tend to mix and match between any of the foods on the dukan 100 foods list, this way I am never stuck with the same meal, week after week. In just half an hour, I had cooked enough food for 3 servings. Once it all cooled off, I stored all my fine cooking into Tupperware containers, taking one portion to work each day. I then do the same on Wednesday evening, but this time just for two portions to get me to Friday. Simple!

You need a healthy appetite to make sure you eat enough food. This helps ensure that your body is getting sufficient amounts of essential nutrients. However, sometimes our body has more appetite than it should. This can lead to large meals and overeating. In turn, you will gain weight, which will lead to obesity. 

Buy a well-researched, good appetite suppressant that is present in the market.

Now, every day of every week, not only do I have the healthiest, tastiest and easiest to prepare food in the office (just zap it in the kitchen microwave for a couple of minutes) I also have the cheapest. Working it all out, each meal costs me less than £3, and not even that could get me a canteen panini!

Gell balls are used by the people for the purpose of decoration in different ways. Even people of small age group prefer to play with these gel balls. There are various service providers that are providing the gel ball, make sure that you read the instructions carefully for storing the gell balls before you decide to purchase these balls.

The first tip that is common no matter from where you have purchase the gell ball is that you should prefer to use the clean tap water to keep the gell ball and also their contact with any kind of detergent or soap must be avoided by a person.

There are certain storage points that a person have to keep in mind who is planning to keep gel balls:

Make use of the fresh water

This is the first and the most important tip that a person has to keep in mind, make use of the fresh and uncontaminated water to keep the gell balls. As the pure water is free from sulphates and other kind of the chemicals that can even be harmful for these balls.